counter attack of the super rich husband

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Story Number 1.

 John and Maria had been married for 8 years and had a wonderful relationship. Everything was perfect between them until John started becoming extremely successful and was labeled as one of the “super rich”.

John’s success changed him and he became arrogant and empty. His love for Maria became overshadowed by his ego. Instead of cherishing his wife, he neglected her and often insulted her as he felt superior.
John wasn’t aware that Maria was of a similar background as him, with equal connections and wealth. She was patiently waiting for John to realize his mistake and come back to her.
Finally one day, Maria decided to take matters into her own hands and plan the ultimate counter attack. She gathered all her resources, called in favors and set out to hit him where it would hurt the most.
Firstly, Maria used her connections to shut down John’s businesses, one by one, siphoning off all his money in the process.
She then went on to

Story Number 2.

The infuriated super rich husband had tried everything in his power to convince his wife to return home, but she was having none of it. She refused to budge from her stance of independence.
In a final attempt to regain control of the situation, the husband decided to counterattack. He cut off all financial support to his wife and her family, leaving them without any source of income. With bills piling up, the wife was left with no choice but to turn to her husband for help.
Before long, the husband’s financial leverage began to wear the wife down. She reluctantly agreed to return home, believing it was the only way to save her family. But she was determined to fight back, too.
The wife used her knowledge to create a business plan and her husband’s money to fund it. She approached a number of investors, but no one wanted to risk their money on a woman’s venture. Desperate, she crafted a

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