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If you want to transform one set of units into another, there are many comfortable ways to do it today. The most famous one, of course, is to type in your question into a search engine like Google and Bing or wait for it to spit out the answer (while not-so-quietly boasting about how fast it managed to give you the answer).

 But if you are examining to find answers to these questions the old-fashioned way, you must know the procedure. For illustration, if you want to find out the answer to the query: how much is 2 litres of water, and its equivalent is in gallons, you will have to know what a litre is, what a gallon is and how to convert litres to gallons.

  1. A Quick peek at the Two Definitions
    1. Litres
    2. Gallons
    3. The Conversion Formula
  2. Summary

A Quick Look at the Two Definitions

The formula for converting litres to gallons is used when solving equations for exciting fluids. But before that, let’s briefly examine the definitions of both terms.


A litre measures SI volume in the metric system and is similar to 1,000 cubic centimetres. So it is what you tell when you measure the volume of 1 single cubic decimeter.

The abbreviation for this team of measure is l or L. So, if you are considering fluids like water, it is equal to one kilogram.


Gallons are the unit of measure for volume in the US liquid gallon system. A single gallon estimates 16 cups which could be eight pints or four quarts. But this is not identified as the imperial gallon or the US dry gallon. Gallon is using by customarily in the US, and the abbreviation for this unit of dimensions is a gal, not to be mistaken with the colloquialism for a young woman.

The Conversion Formula

As mentioned, litres and gallons are used to calculate the volume of fluids in mathematical issues. And this is the formula to transform a litre into a gallon:

one liter = 0.264172 gallons

So, if you want to estimate how many gallons two litres of water comes up to, you need to do the following:

Gallons = 2 (liters) x 0.264172

2 liters = 0.528344 gallons

So, two litres of water comes up to 0.528344 litres of the same. You can change the formula to calculate the number of litres in a gallon.

One liter = 3.78541 gallons

So, to find out how many gallons are in ‘x’ litres, you divide 3.785 by the number of litres.


These instructions come in handy when converting the fluid volume from one system to the other. Unlike many parts of the world, the US does not use the metric system; hence, these conversions become very important. The more common modifications involve kilometres to miles and any given currency to the US dollar.

How Much Water Should You Consume Per Day?

Health experts often advise people to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This is generally known as the “8×8” rule. It may not apply to everyone, though.

Your body is about 60 per cent water.

The body continuously loses water throughout the day, mainly through urine and sweat, but also from normal body functions like breathing. So to prevent dehydration, you should get plenty of water from drinking and food daily.

There are many additional opinions on how much water you should consume daily.

Health experts generally suggest eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 litres, or half a gallon a day. This is named the 8×8 rule and is extremely easy to remember.

However, some experts believe you need to sip on moisture constantly throughout the day, even when you’re not thirsty.

As with most things, this counts on the person. Many factors (both internal and external) eventually affect how much water you need.

This article looks at some water intake studies to separate fact from fiction and explains how to stay well hydrated for your individual needs easily.

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

The body constantly loses water, primarily through urine and sweat. But the amount you need to drink varies from person to person.

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