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A Few LA Favorites: Outdoor Exercises

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I’m back from paying a few weeks in LA with my lovely friend.

One of my favourite aspects of being there is trying out extra workouts and taking advantage of nearby hiking spots. But, of course, this journey looked very different from my usual travels to LA. There were many extra protection Covid precautions to support me, the individuals I was staying with, and others secure.

I don’t feel satisfied working out inside a studio or gymnasium, but luckily LA has some fantastic outdoor activity offerings right now. You have got to love taking benefit of the all-year-round sun!

Here are a few favourites I got to match out, plus some I wish I would’ve had the time to try:

                       Outdoor pieces of training in LA Right                          

                       Now:Hiking: Fryman + Runyon Canyon

I drove to both Fryman and Runyon Canyon during this stay. Fryman is a bit less extreme as far as slope goes. There’s also more convenient parking because it has an existing parking lot (although my mate and I did park on a side road to sidestep the long wait for parking).

Runyon Canyon holds a unique place in my heart, though, as it’s where I expended a lot of time when I lived in LA after university. So I lucked out and saw parking nearby when I went. But, unfortunately, it also stood too packed on a weekday morning.

Safety: As far as safety goes, I modelled a mask the entire time unless I was far from others. I’d say most individuals were wearing masks, but not all. All individuals were distancing. I suggest going during off-peak times to avoid gatherings.

Cycling on the coast with Beach Cycle in Santa Monica

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Bringing a cycling class on the coast in Santa Monica was Excellent. I was so impressed with Beach Cycle’s design — there’s a lengthy line of bikes, each alienated from one another. The music and professor are pumped in through noise-cancelling headphones.


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I took a course with Jenn. Her fuel was top-notch and kept me grinning the whole class. It had a pinch of a SoulCycle vibe with some choreography like tap rears, 4-corners, and dividing us into categories for jumps. The music was fun and lively, mainly top 40’s.

The authentic charm was the view and examination directly into the ocean for the whole class. WOW. It was stunning in a way I wasn’t anticipating. It’s cheesy, but I got tearful when Good Life by Bruno Mars came on. Cycling on the coast is truly the good life!

The site is right by a parking lot with 2-hour spent parking and public restrooms. Washrooms close at 6 PM, though!

Safety: Masks are optional during the course once on your bike—bikes distance from one another.

Bring a towel and wear sneaks or cycling shoes with SPD clips. Beach Cycle does not propose cycling shoes for rent. You might want to wear sunglasses while looking right into the light. Also, outfit for the wind at night! It was Switching when I went, but it didn’t bother me once I started moving.

Yoga on the Coast with Beach Yoga SoCal in Santa Monica

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You can’t defeat yoga with a spectacular view of the ocean in Santa Monica. I don’t believe I’ve ever taken a yoga class on the sand — it’s a new challenge for poising.

I get the vibe that each lesson differs, learning from the instructor. For example, since I was in a short class, instructor Ally questioned what I wanted to concentrate on. I enjoyed the extra focus on my hips and something more vinyasa-style since that’s what I’m accustomed to.

I loved bringing to practice on the coast, and at one point, we went down to the moistness and did inversions right by the sea. A whole different knowledge from being in a studio! Hearing nobody but the waves during savasana is something I’ll never forget.

The place is right by a parking lot with 2-hour paid parking and public restrooms — the same one I utilized for Beach Cycle!

Safety: There were just two of us in the lesson I took, so super comfortable to distance. Mask optional during the course.


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P.Volve Outdoors in West Hollywood

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I’ve still been interested in P.volve. There’s a studio in New York, but I’ve never gone back. So instead, I went twice to LA, getting a cardio-focused course and then a sculpt.

My professor both times, Dani, was a complete joy and created me feel so welcome as a beginner. The course is a bit disconnected as many of the activities are things I’ve never seen before — and this is coming from somebody that’s taken all kinds of wellness classes over the years. The entire workout is on a square mat with numbers like a clock. Throughout the course, you’re told which numeral boxes to be in and step into for activities like lunges and the like. We also utilized impressive props like a slant board for strength work and this ball connected to a strap. It was hard to balance on the slant board!

The cardio class was deceptively challenging — particularly while wearing a mask! I had so much fun taking a course like this in a group setting. While I adore Zoom and am SO thankful for Zoom workouts, nothing beats being IRL with a bunch of people moaning and complaining about the same workout as you. 

The first time I went, the class was outside as studios weren’t permitted to be unclogged inside. I assume that lessons will be a combination of indoor/outdoor. The indoor area has two massive sliding doors on either side, allowing for tons of fresh air. I opted to stay entirely outside, which was great. Because the studio uses noise-cancelling headphones and I was still close to the movement, I didn’t feel like I was cutting out. Just let them know when you come that you want a spot outdoors!

Safety: A temperature check is required upon check-in, as is sanitizing your hands. Masks are needed during class, both inside and outdoors. All spots, distances and supplies sanitize in between uses.

SoulCycle Outdoors in Century City

I was super enthusiastic about taking a SoulCycle class outdoors at the Westfield in Century City. Unfortunately, all the outdoor Soul courses delivered in NYC proper now are too far for me to get to. You can tell SoulCycle has got their design down with safety and making the outdoor adventure the best potential.

The class uses noise-cancelling headphones (which seems to be desired in most of the lessons I assumed in LA!), which was entertaining because you could pump up the sound if you liked or turn it down. However, when it arrives to spin courses, Soul has always been my choice, and after retaking the class, I recalled why I love it so much. Surprisingly, I don’t believe I’ve ever done a whole blog thought of SoulCycle, but I spoke about some of my ideas here.

My friend and I adored the Miley Cyrus vs Hannah Montana course we took. Maybe I will be required to teach a Miley yoga class soon…

I was a bit nervous about riding in a mask, but it was okay. My suggestion? Bring a second mask to wear after the lesson, so you’re not walking about in a sweat-soaked cover afterwards.

SoulCycle also has outdoor lessons in Santa Monica right now.

Safety: Temperature check needed upon check-in. Bicycles are very well spaced out. Mask required during class. Tools are cleaned and sanitized in between use.

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