the girl i like confessed to me with money

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 It was a typical day, I was at a café when suddenly my phone rang. I picked it up and the other person introduced himself as someone from a secret admirer group. He said he knew about the girl I liked and wanted to help me confess to her. I was very suspicious at first but then he told me that he could arrange for me to confess to her with money.

I thought it was strange, but the offer was too good to pass up. I agreed and he gave me a wad of cash. With the money in my hand, I went to the girl I liked and told her exactly how I felt. She was touched, and I was thrilled that I had confessed my feelings.
It was a romantic ending, and I could not help but be thankful to the generous anonymous admirer who had made it all possible. Now, I send greetings and thanks to him wherever he might be. Wherever the money came from, it surely.
pexels mikhail nilov 6969684 the girl i like confessed to me with money

Money may bring couples happiness and stability, especially if they’re financially aware, but when it comes to young love, there’s something even more special. When a girl confesses to you that she likes you, money could not buy the moments of joy and surprise that passes between the two of you.
This kind of conversation can seem daunting even if you feel the same way. Acknowledge it first and then let out your immediate joy and excitement. Respond to her confession lovingly and truthfully, no matter the answer.
She may have been nervous or scared, so do your best to make her feel comfortable. Let her know that you are happy that she decided to let you know how she feels and appreciate the effort she took to do so. You don’t need to use money for that. The most important thing is to have an honest and open exchange with one another.                      
In the end, it’s okay to
#the girl i like confessed to me with money

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